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Your core after having a C–section

Time and time again I get asked questions about how to get rid of your mummy tummy, especially after you have had a C section. 

I didn’t have a c section but hundreds of my clients have had them, so it what I wanted to address on today's blog. 

Although it is super amazing and a miracle what our bodies have done, the majority of us hope that we can get back or improve how we looked pre baby, be it aesthetically or physically. 

When you have a C section it takes a toll on your tummy and also your pelvic floor, what is the best way to regain your strength, exercise. Combine that with eating the right foods and you will feel better in no time. 

First things first, after a c section, you can’t expect to heal as quickly as those who have a natural birth, so let's take it easy to start off with.  Getting your steps in are SO underrated and I cannot say how important it is to get moving as soon as you are physically able to, even if it just getting out and going for a walk with your little one. 

One of the best cardio exercises for C-Section mums is getting out and about and all those steps add up, you do not want to go in full force and risk injuring yourself or putting pressure on the incision.  

Another gentle exercise is to do swimming and your will rack up those calories too!  

However, do not push yourself too hard and, as always, please wait until you are cleared by your doctor to start ANY exercise regardless, it is also wise to check to see if you have had any sort of abdominal separation, a simple way to do that is to watch a short video. 

So, once you have had the all clear, your scar seems to be healing nicely, add these exercises into your weekly regime alongside getting those all-important steps in. 


1.Stand ups 

This exercise will work your thigh muscles and buttocks, but your main focus should be on squeezing and lifting the pelvic floor. 

Sit on a chair with knees and feet at hip width, back straight and arms out in front of you. 

Exhale: Simply stand up but as you do so, perform a pelvic floor muscles contraction and squeeze your glutes as you push through the back half of your feet. Draw your stomach up and in and keep the movement under control (this is harder to do than it seems!). 

Inhale: Stand tall, strong and stable. 

Exhale: Lower yourself back down to the chair, again under total control and whilst performing a pelvic squeeze. 

Reps: Up to 10 (Doing fewer reps properly will be more beneficial than doing more rushed reps) 

Sets: 3 

Avoid: Jerking up too quickly with momentum. Tipping forward over your toes. Arching your back. Sticking your head out. Tightening up your shoulders. 

To make this exercise harder, you could raise your arms to vertical as you stand up. 

For an extra challenge, have them up the whole time (always forming a straight line from hips to hands.) 


2. Glute bridge plus vertical arm lift: 

 Lie on your back, knees bent. Squeeze and lift pelvic floor muscles. 

Exhale: Using glutes, lift hips up to form a straight line from knees to chest whilst also raising arms up to vertical. 

 Try to keep hips central throughout the lift. 

 Inhale: Hold stable at the top. 

 Exhale: Gently lower hips and arms back down without any movement from side to side. 

Don’t rush. Reps: 10 Sets: 3 


 3. Exercise ball - arm and core workout 

Sit on an exercise ball (or the edge of a chair if you don’t have one) with legs at hip distance or a little wider. Keep pelvis central, back and neck straight and long, and core stable. 

Raise arms out to the sides and draw small, controlled circle whilst keeping the rest of the body strong and still. Perform a pelvic floor squeeze each time you exhale. 

Change direction and repeat. Try with palms facing up sometimes and down other times. 

Exhale: Bring arms forward until hands touch and press palms together as you perform a pelvic floor muscles squeeze. 

Inhale: Open arms out again into a gentle chest stretch. 

Reps: 10 - 20 in each direction  


Modified cobra 

Lie on your stomach with your palms flat next to your shoulders. Your elbows should be tucked into your rib cage. Lift your head and neck off the floor, but not so much that it strains your lower back. Suck in your navel as if you were trying to lift your pelvis off the floor. Return to starting position. Reps 10 sets 3 

For my full 6 week core and pelvic floor e big please click here. 

Much love 

Lydia – Ashina founder