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Breastfeeding and weight loss

Breast feeding and exercise

Trying to figure out when to go back to exercising post partum can be overwhelming for mums, you want to start losing your baby weight but you are breastfeeding, so where do you start?

So here at Ashina Active we want to help you navigate your breast feeding journey, so here are our top tips when it comes to breast feeding and exercise.

Exercising does not affect your milk supply but there are a few things you need to take into consideration when starting your journey.

When producing breast milk your body needs additional 400-500 calories per day, so you need to take that into consideration.

The number varies from woman-to-woman, of course, but serves as a good reason to make up those extra calories with healthy snacks in general, and even more so if you happen to be working out.

It’s common for mums to want to get their bodies back after having a little one BUT you really need to look after yourself and not put too much pressure on ones self to “bounce back”

When it comes to nutrition breastfeeding is not the time to cut calories and try and drop pounds by eating less.

 You are nursing a little one and you want to give them the nutrients needed to grow, so eat enough and eat well to produce enough milk. If you are trying to drop some baby weight just be sure to eat whole, healthy foods.

Make sure you drink that water.

In addition to diet and exercise, don’t forget to drink lots of water, as busy mums we are none stop but do not forget to drink, so stay hydrated for your own energy levels and to keep your milk supply up.

Pay attention to your body and notice if you’re thirsty, or keep water nearby at all times as a reminder to drink up..

Try and plan your week.

Planning your schedule when you’re a new mum and breastfeeding can be overwhelming , as you are planning it around your little one’s schedule.

But even though making time for both may be complicated, it is definitely not impossible. Find a workout that works for you both, we love strength training and your workouts do not have to be hours long, do a quick twenty minute workout while your little one naps.

Do not over do it.

Everyone’s journey is different and some mums prefer yoga, while others prefer to hit the gym ( our breast feeding bra is a perfect for both )

For any new mum, easing into a workout program is key.

Your body has just been through an incredible transformation and hormones can be all over the place. Because of that, certain things like paying attention to joint pain or overly stretched or tight muscles is a big deal and should be assessed prior to starting, as you still have the hormone relaxin surging through your body, so you need to be mindful of this to avoid injury.

Keeping active for breast feeding mums is an act of self love

A brand new baby is incredibly easy to prioritise above everything else, but don’t forget the value of self love.

Exercise can help you feel and be your best, both mentally and physically. Keeping active is critical for mum’s as it increases endorphins, aids in digestion and sleep, and allows for “me” time.

We all know the importance of that!

Exercise can help breastfeeding mums get into a healthy routine to lose weight, tone the body, and help hormone regulation so, a healthy mum means a healthy family.

Just remember to enjoy the process it took 9 months to create a baby, so be kind to yourself.

Love the Ashina Team 

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