Activewear For Pregnancy And Beyond

Things to make you feel instantly better today


Grab your maternity activewear and lets go..

Endorphins are magic little things which make us happy inside. We get these when we do things which make us feel good.

Eating cake can give endorphins but it doesn't last very long does it? Exercise also gives off lots of endorphins and that "good feeling" usually last for longer... You never regret exercise once it is done do you? Nope, you always feel proud of yourself for doing it after too. 

So we are after more of that "good feeling" every day from things which are also great for trimming some inches, making us healthy and just having some energy again. Being a mum, working and everything else can be so exhausting. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!

Here are 4 really healthy things you can do each day which will instantly make you feel happier...

1) Laugh! Laughing is the best way to get extra endorphins. Watch something funny for 2 minutes, have a joke with your friends. Don't forget to smile. Feeling good all begins within! 

2) Plan your menu for the day and eat healthy food. This empowers you, giving you a feeling that you've got control of your results. This makes you feel great inside, giving you more spring in your step. 

3) Exercise. Walk, jog, sprint, lift weight, do a class... Anything! Just exercise, it is literally the best way to get that "feel good" factor. 

4) Look at what you're grateful for in your life today. Gratitude makes you feel happy. Then set a small goal on how you're going to improve your results and be excited about doing it.

All these small steps create a little thing called momentum...

You can do it :)